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ACSR Conductor

ACSR Conductor (Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced), manufactured by our company, is comprised of steel reforce surrounded with aluminium wire strands. We offer ACSR Electrical Conductors in a wide range of steel depending on the usage. The high strength ACSR conductors are used to supply electricity. Moreover, these conductors are also widely used for overhead ground wires, river crossings, installations involving extra long spans, etc. These conductors have great diameters that help in obtaining much higher corona limit. This property gives them an advantage to combat with high and extra high voltages. As we offer products at pocket friendly prices, we have positioned ourselves among the trusted ACSR Aluminum Conductor Manufacturers and Suppliers in India.

Sl. No. Item Remarks
1 Code Word ACSR Rabbit
2 Maker's Name, Address & Country
a) Aluminium rods
b) Steel wire/rods
c) Complete Conductor
3 Stranding and Wire Diameter (mm) 3.35 mm
a) Aluminium 3.35 mm
b) Steel 3.35 mm
4 Nominal Aluminium area in 50 Sq.mm2
5 Sectional Area of Aluminium Strands in Sq.m.m. 52.88
6 Total Sectional area in 61.7
7 Cross sectional area of nominal diameter wire in
a) Aluminium wire 8.814
b) Steel Wire 8.814
8 Overall diameter of conductor in mm. 10.05
9 Breaking load of conductor in Kg. 1862 kg
10 Minimum breaking load in Kg. for
a) Aluminium wire 139 Kg
b) Steel Wire 1121 Kg
11 Zinc coating of steel wire
a) Uniformity of coating No. and duration of dips (Process test with stood I min. X Nos.) 3 dip of 1 min each
b) Minimum weight of coating (grm./ 250
12 Mass in Kg. per Km.
a) Aluminium wire 145.1
b) Steel Wire 68.9
c) Conductor 214
13 Resistance in Ohms per Km. at 20 Deg.C. Alm: 3.286 ohms
a) Continuous maximum current rating of conductor (Amps) in still air or 45 Deg.C ambient temperature.
b) Temperature rise for the above current Deg. C.
14 Purity of Aluminium Rods 99.5 % and above
15 Maximum working tension for complete conductor Kg. 18.25 KN
16 Modulus of Elasticity (Kg/mm2)
a) Aluminium 0.7031 x 10 -6
b) Steel 1.969 x 10 -6
c) Conductor 0.809
17 Co-efficient of linear expansion per degree
a) Aluminium 23 x 10 -6
b) Steel 11.5 x 10 -6
c) Conductor 18.99
18 Standard length of each piece in Km. 1.4 Kms
19 Tolerance, if any on standard length +/- 5% of the total Qty. should not less than 1.00 Km.
20 No. of standard lengths in one reel ' 2 - 3
21 Approximate dimensions of the reel in Cms. 40" - 50"
22 Mass of the conductor in one reel in Kg. 800 - 1300 Kg
23 Gross mass of the reel including mass of the conductor. 900 - 1500
24 Mass of the reel in Kg. 50 - 120 Kg
25 Standard according to which the conductor will be manufactured and tested. ISS-398 (PART-II) 1976

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